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The Course is Marked

Alrighty… as of last evening the course is marked with bright colored ribbons hanging on the right hand side of the trail at intersections. So keep the ribbons on your RIGHT and you can follow the course.

• If you get to a fork in the trail and there are no ribbons, either we missed one (hey, no ones perfect), or more than likely both trails go to the same place. So pick whichever one you want.

• All the courses are marked with the same ribbon and there are NOT arrows at the splits yet. So if you’re at an intersection and there are ribbons on the right side of both of the options, you are likely at one of the Cat 4 / 1,2,3 splits. You’ll need to take a map with you to determine which way you need to go. Get the map here –…/2015-RR-Master-Course-Map2.…

Now get out there and pre-ride it! And feel free to post up with any questions.

Aaaaaand we have a Cat 4 course change…

Aaaaaand there’s a change to the Cat 4 course map. We had to change the final climb in the Cat 4 course back to the gravel climb from last year because the climb we wanted to take you up is just too difficult for this class. Not this year’s Cat 4 course is almost identical to last year’s Cat 3 course. Sorry for the confusion.

Get update course map HERE.

Course Map Update

The course map is live! Get it here -

Here’s the skinny…
For Cats 1 and 2 the course is basically the same as last year. The change comes with Cat 3. Last year Cat 3 racers rode a slightly shorter, less technical course than Cats 1 and 2. This year Cat 3 racers will race one FULL lap of the Cat 1/2 course, and Cat 4 racers will ride a slightly shorter, less technical course, similar to last year’s Cat 3 course.

Have we thoroughly confused you? Here it is in a nutshell…

Like the technical stuff but only want to do one lap? Register Cat 3.

Don’t like the technical stuff? Register Cat 4.

Got it? Now register…

Back by popular demand!

We’re excited to announce that Ramsey’s Revenge will be back for 2016! We’ve received so much positive feedback from last year’s event that we decided to keep much of the format the same (or similar) for this year. One major change is the addition of another racer category, Novice. Novice (Cat. 3) racers will race one lap around the same course, inch-for-inch, as the Sport and Expert racers. Beginner (Cat. 4) racers will race one lap of a slightly shorter, less technical course (similar to last year’s Cat. 3 course).

More updates as we have them!

In the meantime…

Trail Etiquette

I’ve received a number of emails from polite but frustrated hikers and equestrians about the increased bike traffic in the park due to the race, and the lack of courtesy of the mountain bikers (not yielding, not acknowledging others on the trail and wearing earbuds while riding). So this is a reminder that our access is a fragile thing that can be jeopardized by poor trail behavior/etiquette. Please be overly courteous to ALL trail users while you’re out there, and DO NOT WEAR EARBUDS while riding in the woods. It’s just not cool because you have no chance of hearing another trail user, which is imperative in ensuring a safe trail experience for all users. Please do not jeopardize the access we’ve worked so hard to secure.

Thank you.

Time to Register!

The course is ready and the forecast is calling for a BEAUTIFUL weekend. That means it’s time to register for the Ramsey’s Revenge!

Pre-registration closes at 11pm this Thursday night and we have capped the total registrants at 350 so be sure to register now to ensure your spot in Brandywine Valley history (OK that might be a little dramatic). But seriously… you won’t want to miss this!


Course is Marked

As of this morning the entire course is marked with orange ribbons starting in the lower field at Ramsey’s Farm and ending at the top of the final descent above Ramsey Farm. Keep the ribbons on your RIGHT hand side and you will be able to follow the course from end-to-end. Do yourself a favor though and print a copy of the map and take it with you just in case someone decides to remove some of the ribbons. Unfortunately it happens. Both beginner splits are marked with the same color ribbon so pay attention on the map to where the beginners split so not to get confused.

There are still some sections that need to be trimmed and/or mowed. Other than that the course is in great shape end-to-end. So get out there and ride it.