The Course is Marked

Alrighty… as of last evening the course is marked with bright colored ribbons hanging on the right hand side of the trail at intersections. So keep the ribbons on your RIGHT and you can follow the course.

• If you get to a fork in the trail and there are no ribbons, either we missed one (hey, no ones perfect), or more than likely both trails go to the same place. So pick whichever one you want.

• All the courses are marked with the same ribbon and there are NOT arrows at the splits yet. So if you’re at an intersection and there are ribbons on the right side of both of the options, you are likely at one of the Cat 4 / 1,2,3 splits. You’ll need to take a map with you to determine which way you need to go. Get the map here –…/2015-RR-Master-Course-Map2.…

Now get out there and pre-ride it! And feel free to post up with any questions.